The Performance

Knit your Text


“Knit your text” is a street performance that took place in Beirut Down town district on the 2nd of February 2012, during the “Sawa Sawa” march at the end of the fifth annual forum of the NEW ARAB WOMEN and the FUTURE (NAWF). 

Knit your text” is a critical engaging street performance that works with threads and knitting needles to arouse questions about the unconventional employment of the knitting activity. The image was intentionally displaced from the traditional domestic role of knitting to encourage audience to knit their own text by distributing needles and inviting them to play with threads. 

It was explained later on that the performance is a statement that tries to undermine the prevalent concepts on revolution, sexuality, femininity, identity and gender as well as experimenting with the new medium of “fiber art”. Fiber works have been considered into their relation to visual arts only very recently, and the performance is a part of a project that is investigating the possibilities that fiber art yet has to present. I considered thread works as a system of language and knitted garments and shrouds as texts. 

Knitting, winding and unwinding the cone of yarn indicates to the reference to the three Goddesses of fate in Greek mythology, the Moirae. The three ancient sisters spin and control all the threads that represent life for all human beings. 

On the other hand, the winding and unwinding of the thread refer to the cunning weaver Penelope, in her attempt to put off marriage proposals from her suitors who invades the palace upon the absence of her husband Odysseus, the king of Ithaca.